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Newsletter January 8, 2017

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

January 8, 2017


The students got right back into the swing of things after break during reading.  They all read about soil and weathering during reading groups.  We will continue reading about rocks and landforms during small reading groups.  During large group lessons we reviewed how nonfiction books can be organized.  Next week the students will be encouraged to find different examples of how nonfiction books are organized.  They will look for cause/effect, sequence, and compare/contrast.


During math this week we went over multiplication strategies.  The students learned how relating one multiplication fact to another makes memorization easier.  The students had time this week to play two math games called “Big Array, Small Array” and “Multiplication War”.  On Friday we connected area and multiplication using pictures and story problems.  Next week will continue learning more about area and multiplication.  Don’t forget to study those math facts at home.


A highlight for most students was starting our science unit on soil, landforms, and rocks.  The students explored different typesof soils and physical weathering of rocks.  Next week we will learn more about chemical weather, erosion, and deposition.  If the weather is nice on Thursday we will go outside for phenology.


The students are writing informational pieces of writing about different places in the school.  This week the students worked on expanding their writing, working on the introduction, and adding linking words.


Thank You

Thank you for the wonderful gift cards, gifts, script money, and the cards.  I truly appreciate all the kindness you have shown me and Mrs. Steinbeck.  I would also like to thank those that helped with the helped with the winter party.  I am sorry I missed it due to illness.


Other Information

  • Please remind your child to bring a water bottle to school daily.
  • Your child may need to have extra clothes at school that is appropriate for cold weather.
  • Please help your child choose weather appropriate clothes and jackets now that the weather has changed.
  • If there is snow, students need snow pants and snow boots.
  • There is outdoor recess is the windchill is above 0.
  • Students must be fever free for 24 hours to come back to school after an illness.


Upcoming Dates


January 10- Green Challenge Assembly

January 16- No School

January 18- Classroom Spelling Bee, Farm to Table lunch

January 23- School Spelling Bee

January 25- Early Release


A Note From the Office

Please take a few minutes and share your opinions about PCCS through the 5Essentials Survey. This survey is available for parents to take now through January 16, 2017. We will need 20% of our parents to complete the survey in order for survey results to be shared. We would love to have 100% parent input! Please share your thoughts!