Newsletter January 22, 2016

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

January 22, 2017




This week was very similar to last week.  The students continued to read from our science textbook this week.  The students learned how about different properties of minerals.  Next week will be the final week reading from this book.  The students will complete another nonfiction response this week.  It is important that students understand they must think about their reading.


This week I read a variety of books about people that helped spread peace.  We discussed how these people helped the world in a variety of ways.  Ask your child what person they enjoyed hearing about during reading.




We continued to solve multiplication and division story problems this week.  The students learned to identify key words in the problem.  They also learned it is important to understand the situation because key words in a story problem do not always help you solve the problem correctly.  This week the students will work on area problems.  These area problems will be multi-step to find the answer.  The students will need to find the area of a T or U shape.   Don’t forget to study those math facts at home.




This week the students learned about properties of minerals.  The students tested minerals for hardness using different tools.  Next week the students will test more minerals for different properties like hardness, streak, and magnetism.   We will also learn more about the rock cycle and fossil with Naomi.


This week was warm enough to go outside for phenology.  The sun may not have been shining, but the temperature was warm for January.  The students noticed the differences in the buds of different trees.  If the weather is nice on Thursday this week we will go to quiet spots.




The students put their final touches on their informational writing about the school.  The students presented their writing to the class on Friday.  It was great to see how excited the students were to present.  Next week we will begin a new short informational writing assignment based on our science unit on rocks, soil, and landforms.


Other Information


  • Please remind your child to bring a water bottle to school daily.
  • All students need a napkin for lunch and snack.
  • Next week is school choice week.


Valentine’s Day Party


We will be having a party for Valentine’s Day.  Your child can bring Valentines for his/her classmates.  If your child chooses to pass out cards, please make one for everyone in the class.  I will email a class list to the parents.


Upcoming Dates


January 23- Assembly, School Spelling Bee

January 25- Early Release, Lottery Open House

Feb. 7- Green Assembly

Feb. 15- Farm to Table Lunch

Feb. 17- No school, Teacher inservice

Feb. 20- No school, President’s Day


School Choice Week

Monday – Wear your Yellow School Choice Scarf and Spirit Wear

Tuesday- Crazy Hair/Hat Day

Wednesday- Pajama Day

Thursday- Mismatch Day  

Friday- Spirit Wear/ Wear Green