Newsletter January 16, 2017

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

January 16, 2017




Reading groups continued to read from our science textbook this week.  The students are learning a lot about landforms during reading.  The students are making connections to the science experiments.  We will continue reading from this book next week and learn about rocks.  The students are also working on a nonfiction response sheet during independent reading time.  We will go over how to summarize a nonfiction book.


I read to the students a book about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks last week.  The students were saddened and upset that people were not treated the same as today.  We had great discussions about how important it look at a person for how they are on the inside, not outside.  I hope to continue these types of discussions with books I read next week for peace week.




The big focus this week was solving multiplication and division story problems.  We will continue this next week.  If time allows the students will work on more area problems.  These area problems will be multi-step to find the answer.  The students will need to find the area of a T or U shape.   Don’t forget to study those math facts at home.




This week the students learned about chemical weathering of rocks.  They also used stream bed tables to explore erosion and deposition.  The students set up their own scenarios on Thursday and made predictions of what would happen.   The three scenario were having houses, large flood waters, and a mountain.  Next week the students will learn about properties of rocks.  We did not get outside for phenology this past week, but the weather looks great for this coming week.  Hopefully, we can get outside to enjoy the weather next week.   




The students continued to work on their informational writing about the school.  We looked at nonfiction books to learn how authors introduce the books.  They also explored how authors include facts and ideas in nonfiction writing.  The students will write a final version next week.


Other Information


  • Please remind your child to bring a water bottle to school daily.
  • All students need a napkin for lunch and snack.
  • Next week is Peace Week.  We will be having a variety of discussions about peace next week.


Upcoming Dates


January 17- Assembly

January 18- Classroom Spelling Bee, Farm to Table lunch

January 23- School Spelling Bee

January 25- Early Release