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Newsletter Jan. 30, 2017

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

January 30, 2017




We finished reading from our science textbook this week.  The students learned about the three types of rocks and a little about fossils.  We discussed how the author compared the earth to an egg and why he would use that comparison.  On Friday the students began reading a new book called The Last Voyage of the Griffon by Wendy Caszatt-Allen.  This book is written from the dog’s point of view.  Students had to do a lot of inferring to figure out the characters in the book.  We will continue reading and discussing this book the next few weeks.  I encourage you to ask your child about this book.


This week I read two books by Chris Van Allsburg called The Sweetest Fig and Probuditii.  On Friday we began discussing how these two books are similar.  Both books had selfish main characters and a surprise ending.  We will continue comparing these books on Monday.  Then I will read two other books by Chris Vans Allsburg.   




The focus of math this week was finding the area of a polygon by decomposing it into rectangles.  The students used the formula length X width = area all week on their problems.  On Thursday we applied these skills to find the area of bricks on Market Square.  Next week the students will multiply by multiples of 10.  Then we will apply these multiplication skills to learning about metric measurement.




The students had their last lessons on rocks and minerals this week.  Naomi came to class to teach us about the types of rocks and fossils.  The students really enjoyed seeing Naomi’s fossil collection.  Next week we will begin social studies lessons.  The students will be learning about early Illinois history including fur traders and the first European settlers to Illinois.


This week was warm enough to go outside for a short quiet spot.  We had quiet spots near the playground in the sumac tree area.  The students also had a chance to look closely at snowflakes.  We were able to see many different shapes of the snowflakes.




This week the students started a small information writing assignment.  They are writing a brochure about sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks, volcanoes, tsunamis, or earthquakes.  We discussed how to make your writing fresh and not too long or short.  The students will finish these brochures next week.


Other Information


  • Please remind your child to bring a water bottle to school daily.
  • All students need a napkin for lunch and snack.


Valentine’s Day Party


We will be having a party for Valentine’s Day.  Your child can bring Valentines for his/her classmates.  If your child chooses to pass out cards, please make one for everyone in the class.  I will email a class list to the parents.


Upcoming Dates


Feb. 7- Green Assembly

Feb. 15- Farm to Table Lunch

Feb. 17- No school, Teacher inservice

Feb. 20- No school, President’s Day