Newsletter Jan. 24

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

January 24, 2016


The past two weeks students have been working on comparing fractions.  They used fraction tiles to show the larger fraction.  Then we began making a common denominator or numerator to compare the fractions.  Students are getting better at explaining why one fraction is larger than another.  Next week we will decomposing fractions.  They will finding fractions that add up to one and explaining why they add up to one whole.


I have completed testing all students on their Fountas and Pinnell reading level.  You will be receiving a letter about their level next week.  This is one indication of your child’s reading comprehension and accuracy.

The students have read three different short stories about Colonial America and answered comprehension and vocabulary questions.  The students went over the answers in small groups.  They were encouraged to go back in the passage to prove their answers.  Next week students will continue to meet in small groups to read and answer questions.  


The students have finished another opinion writing piece about garbology.  We learned why some people study garbage.  The students had to use information they learned in an article they read and videos they watched.  Now we are working on a compare and contrast writing piece about the 13 colonies.  

Social Studies

The students have finished our small unit about Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth.  They are now researching one of the 13 colonies.  The students answer questions about the colony.  After their research, the students will draw a map of the colony.  Students are pretending they live in this colony in the 1600’s.   


Remember students go outside if the temperature with windchill is above 0 degrees.  Students can keep extra clothes in their lockers.  

Bedtime Math

Research has shown that reading Bedtime Math Stories can improve math performance.  Here is a link to the article and the Bedtime Math website.

Upcoming Dates

January 26- Board Meeting

January 27- School Choice Assembly 8:15, School Spelling Bee 8:30

January 28- Lottery Open House

February 2- Green Challenge Assembly 8:15

February 3- Early Release