Newsletter Feb. 28, 2016

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

Feb. 28, 2016


This past week the students learned more about subtracting fractions.  Then they began to multiply a whole number with a fraction.   The students seemed to catch onto this lesson very quickly and even told me fractions were easy!  We will continue multiplication of fractions next week.  


The students are really enjoying the book discussions about Winter of Red Snow.  This past week the students shared a symbol that would represent part of the book they read.  Almost all the students came to reading group prepared and ready to share what they had read.  Next week we will have book discussions on Tuesday and Thursday.


During writing the students took a few assessments about writing and reading.  I also assigned an article to read on NEWSELA.  After the students read the article, they took a quiz and wrote a short paragraph about it.  Next week we will do more writing about articles.  Some of the writing time will also be used to get ready for student led conferences.

Social Studies

The town crier has announced the Declaration of Independence.  The students have finished their colonial journals.  This week the students also learned a little about Paul Revere’s ride and Washington crossing the Delaware.  Next week we will go over one or two more battles of the Revolutionary War.  In the next week or two we will begin a science unit called motion and matter.

Friday we enjoyed a great Colonial America Day.  The students got to dip candles, play colonial games, make silhouettes, do fancy paper cutting, dance, make butter, and embroider.  At the end of the day, the students had a tea party with tea, apples, biscuits, bread, and butter.   I would like to thank all the parents for volunteering their time to help with our special day.  It would have been almost impossible to have this special day without your help.

Student Led Conferences, March 10th

The students will begin preparing for student led conferences in the next few weeks. There will be 3 conferences going on in the room at the same time.  I will be available to answer questions.  The students will be presenting their work and goals to you.  If you want an individual conference with me, this is addition to the student led conference.  Individual conferences will be on March 11 if you request them.  Most parents find that students in 4th grade do a great job communicating strengths and areas for improvement.

Link for signing up for conferences:

Upcoming Dates

March 1- Green Challenge Assembly

March 2- Early Release

March 4- Report Cards go home

March 10- Early Release, Student Led Conferences

March 11- Early Release, conferences