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Newsletter Feb. 15

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter 

Feb. 15, 2021


Hybrid Information


The new hybrid schedule began Monday, Feb. 8th. Hybrid Schedule  If your child is in the A group, he/she follows the A schedule when at home and in person. The students who are in the B group follow the B schedule. All students will be on the same schedule whether remote or in person. As we adjust to the new schedule, we may have bumps in the road. We will all figure out the new schedule together.


In person students should arrive between 7:40 and 8:00. Remember that drop off in the morning is very long. It can be from the Carson (5-8) building to in front of the gym. There is no morning recess. Please have your child head to the door nearest the playground. Carpool begins at 3:00. Carpool will be in front of the gym like typical years.


Whether you are working at school or remotely, a list of daily supplies can be found at this link. Daily Material List In person students will need to bring a lunch, a water bottle, winter gear, and 2 masks daily. There will be no microwaves available for students and no snack time. 


Students who are remote, should log into zoom at 8:00. The students in the classroom will have zoom projected on the screen when it is needed. There may be times students use their computers to log into zoom at school to work with small groups. In person students will also use their computer for some assignments. 




Last week we did not have time for spelling. The students did have a chance to make words with a given set of letters. Next week we will be doing sort 29. Students will have assignments on Google Classroom to do with their spelling words.




The read reading group has finished their chapter book. This  past week and next week they will complete a book project. The blue reading group will finish their book this coming week and have time for a book project. The yellow reading group is taking more time with their book, but doing a great job understanding the story and characters. On the 19th new reading materials will be sent home for students in the red and blue reading groups. Yellow reading group will finish their book and then do a book project.


Also, during reading we have listened to a few versions of The Three Little Pigs.  The kids really liked the one where the pig was bad and trying to get into the wolves homes. Next week, we will listen to a few more fractured fairy tales. This will help students with our upcoming writing lessons about fractured fairy tales.




Students have spent time learning and reviewing about ponds and prairies. They watched some videos and took notes on what they learned. Next week they will review forest habitats and take notes on what they learned. On Thursday we will have a guest author come teach our class about fractured fairy tales.




This past week the students did an awesome job learning about fact families with multiplication and division. Students were able to write the 4 equations very easily. This helped students solve multiplication and division story problems. Next week will continue learning about division. This is a good time of the year to spend time daily memorizing multiplication facts.




Students learned about rocks and minerals this past week. Naomi began teaching the students about the rock cycle, but will continue her lesson on Friday. We only had time for a few lessons about minerals last week. This week the students will learn more about how to identify minerals.

Absent or Tardy

Just as expected of a typical school year, students are expected to make up work that was missed due to being absent or tardy. Almost all assignments are listed on Google Classroom. The videos of the lessons can be found in Google Classroom. If your child needs help completing an assignment we help them at the end of the day.

Wednesday 2:20

At 2:20 there will be a teacher supported study hall for students who need help. If your child has missing or late assignments, he/she is expected to come to zoom at 2:20. These students will have an assignment in Google classroom that says to come to zoom. The students who do not have late or missing assignments will have asynchronous activities assigned on Google Classroom. A teacher will be on zoom to support any student who needs help.


Upcoming Dates


  • Friday, February 19, 2021 – Materials Pick-Up
  • Friday, February 26, 2021 – End of Second Trimester-Early Release 


Important Links


Hybrid Schedule


Zoom Links


Daily Material List