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Newsletter Dec. 11, 2022

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

December 11, 2022




The students just finished Unit 3 about adding and subtracting. In 3rd grade students are encouraged to learn a variety of strategies to solve problems. We will begin Unit 4 next week. Students will be learning about measurement, telling time, and fractions. This unit will be continued after winter break.




During reading the students meet in small groups to read books, answer questions, and write about the books. When not meeting in a group, children are reading, writing, or working on spelling. I also have been reading a lot of books by Patricia Polacco and now have begun reading books by Janell Cannon.




In writing the class finished their opinion essays on the computer. We worked on adding details and organizing ideas into paragraphs. Students also added topic sentences and a hook to get the reader’s attention. This past week we worked on writing about a small reading passage using the RACE strategy. RACE stands for restate, answer, cite, and explain. Next week will continue this strategy and compare two passages.


Science and Environmental Education


We have begun our unit on inherited traits. In third grade, we talk about inherited traits as it relates to plants and animals. The students learned about animal adaptations and how animals are adapted to their environment. Next week we will learn about inherited traits vs. acquired traits.


During our EE time, the students did phenology last week. They were able to write a lot about the changes in the weather. Last Wednesday we made brownies using the sweet potatoes from the class garden beds.




New spelling sorts are given every Friday. Please have your child bring the spelling to school every day. Students will continue to have spelling sorts this coming week. There will be no spelling the week before winter break.


Remind App and Communication


If you have not signed up for Remind, use this link. I often see these messages faster than an email.


Outdoor Clothing and Indoor Shoes


All students need to have indoor shoes at school. These can be your child’s PE shoes or another pair of shoes or slippers. 


As the weather gets colder, please remind your child to dress for the weather. Students go outside unless it is below zero, pouring rain, or dangerous weather.


Please label all clothing and shoes with your child’s name.


Upcoming Events


  • Friday, December 16, 2022-Fun Food Friday
  • Friday, December 16, 2022- Natural Leader Assembly (12:20)
  • Winter Sing Dec 21 – 8:15 am  Start & 2:00 Start pm
  • Winter Holiday Parties – Dec 22, 2022 – 11:45 -12:45


Math Facts


Quick links to some of our favorite Math Fact websites!


Find 24 – Great game at many levels. Can be adjusted for younger students as well. 


Basic Math Fact Quizzes

Online quizzes that generate a set of random math problems.


Math Fact Basketball

ABC’ya math fact basketball – fun for all ages


Tic Tac Toe Math Facts

Funbrain’s Math Fact Tic-Tac-Toe – you decide what operation to do and what level


Math Fact Cafe

Make worksheets to practice math facts or do online


Number Nut

You choose what activity to practice from math facts to multiple digit addition or subtraction etc.


Math Fact Practice

Choose the level and play


Video Style Games to Practice Math

Check it out – fun games for Math or ELA – single player or play your friends


Practice Multiplication Facts to 12’s

Snowball fight facts up to x12’s


That’s A Fact

Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication choose the range, timed or untimed


Prof. Finkle’s Flashcards

Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10


Arithmetic Game

Choose the function and the level of difficulty


 Playkids Math Fact Practice

Timed practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This game contains multiple skill levels and a printable results chart.


FactMonster’s FlashCards

You choose the operation and the level and practice your math facts using these Flashcards.


 Wild On Math

A rainforest theme, you choose grade level and operation you wish to practice.


 ****Snowball Fight

Snowball fight with math facts, fact families subtraction 


****Alien Make 10

Click on aliens to make combinations


 ****Alien Munchtime

Addition fact families with Aliens


 Subtraction Harvest

Arcade subtraction practice


 Addition Fishing

For our younger math students


Math Playground

Lots of links to different math games


 Subtraction Fishing

For our younger math students


The following four games are all by Arcademic Skill builders in the One Player Group. There are also many multi-player games by this company that are excellent!  



Timed Math Facts

Play Kids Games

Fun 4 the Brain