Newsletter, August 28, 2016

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

August 28, 2016


This past week students learned words with long and short a.  The students sorted the words by themselves and with a partner in class.  On Friday you child received a new spelling list.  It is important for your child to study and sort the word regularly.  The spelling journal and folder should be taken home every night and returned to school everyday.


Students learned the importance of asking questions while reading.  Mrs. Steinbeck and I modeled this strategy using Patricia Polacco books.  The students also wrote down questions they had while reading.  During reading next week I will begin testing students on their reading level by asking them to read a book and answer questions about the book.  Students may bring books from home to read in class.


Time! Time!  And more Time!  The students have learned to tell time to the nearest minute.  We have begun studying elapsed time.  The students use number lines and play clocks to figure out elapsed time.  They will also play a matching game with elapsed time.  Next week we will focus on learning about elapsed time.  At the end of next week the students will be assessed on time to the minute and elapsed time.


During science the students learned more about plants, animals, and insects of the prairie.  We went to the computer lab to research.  The students used the website  Later in the week the students created a life sized version of the plant, animal or insect he/she learned about.  They will be displayed in the hall.  Next week we will learn about the forest.


The students have now taken two writing assessments, one opinion writing piece and one narrative writing piece.  Next week the students will write an informational writing piece that I will use to assess their writing abilities.  This week the students also learned authors get their ideas from their life.  We used Patricia Polacco books and My Very Own Room by Perez as examples of how authors get ideas from their lives.  Next week we will discuss how authors get ideas from objects.


Please remember to send your child with a water bottle to school.  They will be having PE outside next week and will need to drink water.

If your child decides to be in the band, your child will miss class.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work due to band lessons.

Please look at our class webpage for pictures and information posted by Mrs. Steinbeck.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, August 29- Picture Day

Tuesday, August 30- Green Assembly

Monday, September 5- No School, Labor Day

Tuesday, September 6- Curriculum Night 6:00-7:00

Wednesday, September 7- Early Release 1:00