Newsletter August 25, 2019

Newsletter 8-25-19


Dear families,


We had a successful first week of school.  It was great to see all the students again, and they really enjoyed seeing each other.  Our student-teacher, Mrs. Griffin, enjoyed getting to know the students. It was great to see the children enjoy the first full week of school.


In writing, we spent time doing two writing assignments.  The students completed a fiction story and an opinion writing piece.  Next week they will write an informational writing piece. We will also begin our first writing unit on realistic fiction.


In math, we began our first unit about multiplication and division.  The students learned how to show multiplication story problems using tile arrays, area models, a number line, and a ratio table.  Next week, the students will continue solving multiplication and division problems. Please refer to the math newsletter for even more information.


During reading the students are reviewing read to self and work on writing.  I also read a variety of stories to the students with the theme, be yourself.  Next week the teachers will be testing students on their current reading level.  While we are testing students individually, the students will be reading and writing independently.


A favorite subject this week was science.  The students saved Fred, a gummy worm, by figuring out how to get him in a life preserver without touching him or the life preserver. They used their senses to figure what was in mystery boxes.  Students also made raisins dance in soda. These experiments introduced the scientific method. We will review the steps next week and then begin a unit on economics.


We were able to get outside on Tuesday morning before the rain.  The students looked for sources of water. It was amazing how many places they found water because it was so humid that morning.  Next week, we will begin phenology, the study of plants and animals over time.


Spelling has started this week.  There are a few different spelling groups, and each group has a different word list.  Spelling tests will occur most Fridays.




Ms. Hahn


Upcoming Events


August 27- Picture Day, Band assembly

August 28- NWEA test

August 30- Early Release

September 2- No School

September 4- NWEA test

September 9-13 Attendance Week