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Newsletter, Aug. 30

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

August 30, 2020




Please have your child log into my class Zoom by 8 am for attendance. This is a change. Please have your child go straight to PE on Tuesdays.


Material Pickup


Thank you for coming to the supplies on Friday. If you forgot to return the bag, you can still bring it to the school at another time. Monday I will have the students sort the items I sent in the bag. They will put the papers into the correct folders. In two weeks I hope to have reading books for the students. I will also have the students create a folder that will be used to send me items at the next material drop off.




Our class will be using Google Classroom for assignments. Please have your child open Google Classroom every morning. At this time, I am not requiring students to upload pictures onto Google Classroom. I will work with them during synchronous learning to teach them how to use the camera on their computers and add pictures to Google Classroom assignments. During our breaks we will now be utilizing the stream to tell the students what to do during breaks and when to be back from break. See the image below.





The students enjoyed reading this week because I introduced them to partner reading virtually. I hope this will continue to improve as we navigate through the technology. We also worked to increase our stamina to work on writing. Next week we will continue to do partner reading and listen to reading. I will also introduce the different types of connections you can have to books.




This past week we focused on adding sensory details to their writing. I read Owl Moon and Hello Ocean. Next week we will continue to work on sensory details. They will then choose a writing idea to write more about. The students will work on this piece of writing for at least a week.




The students are doing well on different strategies for finding the answer to addition problems to 20. If your child has not memorized addition and subtraction facts, this is a good time to practice them. Next week we’ll be learning about subtraction strategies and doing math games virtually.




This past week the students learned about specific plants of the prairie. They had time to draw them and write facts about them. Next week students will get to make a life-sized model of one prairie plant using the paper sent home on Friday. Our lessons this week will also introduce woodlands.




If your child needs a Chromebook, please let the office know. The school can issue you a Chromebook for remote learning. Many of the 3rd-grade activities may be difficult to do on an IPAD. Some families who already had a tablet or IPAD use that for Zoom and the school

Chromebook for assignments.


Upcoming Dates


  • Friday, September 4 – Early Release – Inservice

  • Monday, September 7   Labor Day- No School

  • Friday, September 11 – Materials Pick-Up

  • Friday, September 25 – Materials Pick-Up


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Hahn Remote Schedule


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A message from Naomi Hershiser our Dean of Environmental Learning


I have created a Prairie Crossing Charter School team for the Eco-Challenge, which runs Oct. 7-28.  This is a global online event/challenge where you can choose things that you will do to help the environment and earn points for your team — and help the planet — by completing the actions.


Early Release Friday Schedule




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