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Newsletter April 8, 2018


Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

April 8, 2018




This week the students read about forces, magnets, and gravity in our science textbook called Motion and Matter.  After the students read, we completed a cause and effect worksheet together.  The students noticed many different cause and effect relationships in the reading.  We will continue reading this book during reading groups next week.



This week the students began working on a historical writing assignment.  They will write about the Revolutionary War and one main event during this time period.  I have put a lot of different options for research on their Google classroom. This past week they worked on the first section of the paper which is an overview of the Revolutionary War.  Next week they will work on their smaller topic. In this paper they will also include a mini historical story and why this event was important. It will be exciting to see the students write nonfiction, story writing, and persuasive writing in one writing assignment.




This week the student began working on Unit 7 about fractions.  The students took a pretest on Monday. The lessons this week were about making equivalent fractions and ordering fractions with unlike denominator and numerators.  I have put math games for the computer on Google Classroom. I encourage all students to play these games and do more IXL about fractions and decimals. Next week the students will be connecting fraction and decimal concepts using number lines.




We are all excited about our new science unit about motion and matter.  The students will read about the concepts during reading groups and do the experiments during science.  This past week the students experimented with wheels of different sizes and axles. Ask your child how they can park their car in the garage.  They used a cup and rolled it off a ramp. Next week they will continue learning about gravity and different forces.




This past week the students researched seeds that we could plant in the cold frame.  They looked up different choices and gave reasons we should plant those seeds. I am asking the students to think about what we should do with the food once it has grown.  I had hoped to get started on our gardens this past week, but the weather was too cold. Hopefully, we can plant this coming week.



Upcoming Events


  • 4/9-13/18 Volunteer Week
  • 4/11/18     Early Release
  • 4/12/18    3rd/4th Family Math Night
  • 4/13/18    Parent Night Out-Babysitting 8th fundraiser
  • 4/16-20   Earth Week

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