Newsletter April 30

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

April 30, 2017




The students were excited to get back to their reading group books after Earth Week.  The books are Freckle Juice and An Owl in the Shower, and The Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo.  Students are reading the books on their own.  During class a teacher is available to help them answer the questions.  During reading groups we go over the answers and have a book discussion.  The students also learn new vocabulary words and learn about literary elements of the books.  We will have time for a few reading groups next week.




This week the students learned about polygons, angles, and parallel lines  They learned how to identify a right angle using the corner of an index card.  You can help your child at home by talking about shapes and their attributes.  Next week we will not have a lot of time for math lessons.  


Social Studies and Phenology


The students are learning about life in the early 1800’s in Illinois.  They learned about the benefits and disadvantages of different modes of transportation.  Students read about railroads, steamboats, and the national road.  If time allows next week we will continue learning about how different inventions changed the way of life for pioneers including the plow.




I spent a few writing sessions this week reading fairy tales.  I read them a few adaptations of Cinderella.  The students are now writing an adaption to Cinderella or The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Ask your child to tell you what they are writing.  In the next few weeks, students will continue to work on these fairy tale adaptations.


Native American Week


The students will be doing many different activities this week to learn about Native American culture.  We have a member of the Potawatomi tribe coming to teach the children about his culture and show different items that important to his tribe.  On Friday the students will participate in a powwow.  Please remind your child to dress for the weather.  On Monday the students will be outside in the rain if there is no lightening.  You might want to make sure your child has extra clothes and rain gear at school for Monday.


Request for Native American Week


The third and fourth grade would like to borrow small tree loppers on Monday for cutting willow.  Please drop them off outside Mrs. McGovern’s door Monday morning.  Make sure your tools are labeled with your name.  We will return the tools at carpool.


Other Information


  • Many students tell us they are hungry after they finish all their food.  Please ask your child if he/she needs more food at school.
  • We prefer students only bring food that takes about 30 seconds to warm up in the microwave.  We do not have enough time for all students to use the microwave for 3 minutes.
  • Please check out our website for posts from Mrs. Steinbeck.  She posts wonderful summaries and pictures.


Upcoming Dates


May 1- Earthkeepers S Key Assignment Due

May 1, 2, 4, and 5- Native American Week Activities

May 2- Green Assembly

May 3- Early Release

May 10- Farm to Table Lunch, NWEA test

May 11- Field Trip Old World Wisconsin

May 17- NWEA test