Newsletter, April 24, 2016

Newsletter April 24, 2016

Earth Week Overview

This week the students worked on defeating different villains.  The students had to do different activities to defeat the villain.  The villains are Pollu Tor, Baron Von Buckthorn, N Bandit, Power Phantom, and The Drip.  Students wrote ways they can defeat the villains at home in their assignment notebooks.  Below are some highlights from the week.


  • Lesson about water pollution inside
  • Lesson about littering outside
  • Gardening


  • Book buddies from Waukegan at PCCS
  • Scavenger hunt with making fairy homes, recycle relay, and a water activity
  • Read books in the Environmental library
  • Plant sunflower seeds for our buddies


  • Learn about invasive species
  • Journal about Garlic mustard
  • Pull Garlic mustard

Thursday– Field trip Hastings Lake

  • Small Seek Lesson- look under logs
  • Water, Water, Everywhere with Mrs. McGovern
  • Hunt for animal homes with Mrs. Larson
  • Zoom, Zoom, Zoom with Ms. Kroll
  • Hike


  • Closing ceremony
  • Alternative energy hike around campus
  • Quiet spots in Oak Openings


The students had a few lessons this week about decimals.  The students learned how to add decimals using different strategies.   You can help at home by asking your child to add money. Next week we will finish our unit on decimals.  It is important that all students have the multiplication facts memorized.  Please help your child with facts at home if he/she needs more practice.

Summer Learning

One program some parents have done in the past is GRASP.  There are online lessons for 4th grade in reading and math.  You can find information about the cost and enrollment at .

School Website

Please remember to check the school webpage for pictures and documents.  The homework is also on the calendar.

Parent Portal Username: PCCSparent

Parent Portal Password: pccsgreen201516

Upcoming Dates

April 25- PARCC Testing

April 27- Farm to Table Lunch, Family Math Night 6 pm

April 28- PARCC Testing

April 29- PARCC Testing

May 3- Green Challenge Assembly

May 4- Erin’s Law Lesson with Mrs. Meyer