Newsletter April 21, 2019

Ms. Hahn’s Class Newsletter

April 21, 2019


This past week the students finished the first half of Unit 7 in math.  They learned about multiplying two digit numbers by a one digit number. First they multiplied multiples of 10 by a single digit.  Next they worked on other two digit numbers. The students broke the problem into tens and ones. For example: 64 x 4 = ( 60 x 4) + ( 4 x 4).  Next week the students will not have math due to Earth week. The following week the students will start the second part of Unit 7 about fractions.

The students continued to learn more about Illinois history and how Illinois became a state.  We discussed how there was a conflict between the Native Americans and the pioneers. The students learned the advantages of being a territory and not a state.  After Earth Week we will learn a little more about Illinois history.

During reading the students read some Reader’s Theater scripts and answer questions about the play.  Then the students began some fictional stories. The class is working on rereading and finding details in the story.  During whole group lessons the students learned more about theme and how it is different than the main idea. There will be no reading lessons during earth week.

In writing the students are writing fictional narrative stories.  They worked on improving the description of the characters and the setting.  The class spend a few days developing the climax of the story and making it the most important part of the story.  On Friday the students began typing their stories. We will finish these stories after Earth Week.

The third and fourth grade students planted lettuce under the cold frames.  Despite the cold and windy weather, the lettuce has started to grow. Our class has been discussing what we should do with the lettuce.  We spend a little time on Friday trying to find a food pantry that can take fresh vegetables. This is our service learning project, so I hope we can grow enough lettuce to donate.  The class seems excited to make a donation to a food pantry.

Next week is Earth Week.  Please make sure your child is ready to go outside everyday next week.  On Tuesday your child needs a trash free lunch and snack. There will not a microwave on the field trip.

Native American week is May 6, 7, 9, and 10.  We will have special activities planned for Native American Week for every day except Wednesday.  We will need a lot of volunteers for this week. Look for a sign up coming out soon.


Upcoming Dates:


  • 4/23/19               Moraine Hills State Park Field Trip
  • 4/22-4/25 EARTH WEEK!
  • 5/3/19 Natural Leaders Assembly
  • 5/6 – 5/10 3rd/4th Grade Native American Week