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Newsletter April 18, 2021

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter 

April 18, 2021




Last week the students had sort 35 for spelling with the ou and ow spelling pattern. The week of April 19th there will be no spelling due to Earth Week activities. It is possible that I will not have spelling for a few weeks due to testing and other activities.




Reading groups have finished their book projects. If your child is at home, be sure I get the scrapbook in a bag pick up. There will be no reading groups next week, but I will be reading books to the class. There will also be some time for students to read independently.




This past week the students learned a lot about poems. They learned about rhyme, rhythm, repeating words or phrases, similes and metaphors, and many others. At the end of the week the students used this knowledge to write a few poems. Next week we will write a few poems about nature.




We spent time this week learning math facts. It is a good idea to have your child practice multiplication facts daily. Students are learning more about the area and perimeter of rectangles. They are also learning about fractions using a geoboard this coming week. I anticipate that we will finish Unit 6 this coming week. 


Social Studies


During social studies, the students learned more about life in the early 1800s. We pretended we had a pioneer school. They learned about the jobs of men and women on the frontier. We will pause with our history lessons this coming week to focus on Earth Week.


Naomi Lessons

Students had a nature drawing lesson with Naomi. Next week will be using our senses for observation.

Earth Week Information

Next week we will be outside throughout the day. Please help your child be prepared for the weather because it may be very chilly at the beginning of the week.

The students will still have all specials including art, music, PE, and Spanish. However, I will have spelling, reading groups, specific writing lessons, or grammar. I have plans for a few math lessons this week. The schedule will be fluid based on the weather. I will keep the remote students informed of the schedule using Google Classroom. For example, if the weather cooperates I plan on doing phenology, a hike, and building gnome homes Monday afternoon. If your child is remote this will be done independently.

If your child is remote, there will be asynchronous learning time next week. Some activities the in person students do can be done by your child at home. However, there may be days and times that it does not work for your child to go outside to do an activity. I have put a choice board of different activities on Google Classroom for your child.

Upcoming Dates


  • Monday, April 19-Friday, April 23-Earth Week
  • Thursday, April 22- Wear Earth Week Shirts
  • Thursday, April 22-April Natural Leader’s Assembly at 8:15
    • Our class will watch it later in the day.
  • Monday, April 26th-30th – IAR testing
  • Tuesday, April 27-Board Meeting
  • Friday, April 30-Materials Pick Up


4 C Information


  • Remote students log into specials at 8:10 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday log into Ms. Hahn’s zoom at 8:00.
  • Students will eat outside almost every day. There will not be a microwave available for the students. We prefer no or very few nuts in lunches.
  • Arrival is from 7:40 to 8:00. Drop off in the parking lot by the flagpole.
  • Carpool begins at 3:30.
  • PE will probably be outside. If it is inside, students will need indoor PE shoes.
  • Dress in layers as we will be outside for many subjects throughout the day.
  • Students will take their Chromebooks at night to charge and do homework.
  • Students need indoor shoes or slippers for the classroom.


Important Links


Hahn 4C Schedule


Zoom Links


Daily Material List


IAR Testing information


Wish List


  1. Cotton fabric for a craft for 3rd and 4th graders
  2. A parent to cut out about 100 fabric circles.