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Newsletter April 15, 2018

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

April 15, 2018


We continued to read from our science book called Motion and Matter.  The students did well finding different cause and effect relationships.  After Earth Week the students will read a little more from this book, and then they will read novels.  This past week the students also read an article about Paul Revere. This helped students with their writing assignment.




This week the students continued working on a historical writing assignment.  The students wrote about the Revolutionary War and their small topic. At the end of the week the students started their mini story.  We will not work on this paper until after Earth Week. This coming week we will focus our writing on nature topics including writing in our nature journals.




During math this past week the students worked on finding common denominators to compare fractions.  The class played a comparing fractions game. The students had to find the common denominator to earn a point for their team.  At the end of the week, math partners created a decimal number line. We will have a few math lessons next week from Unit 7 and some our math lessons will be about the environment.  




During our science this week the students created tops from wheels and shafts.  It was awesome to see the students’ creative with their designs. They also made paper twirly birds.  They explored how a change to their design would change how the twirly bird fell to the ground. After Earth Week the students will be using the science materials to create a cart that can go down a ramp.




Mrs. Steinbeck was able to help the students plant 3 garden beds of lettuce under the cold frames.  We all hope they survive this cold snap and germinate. During Earth Week we will be removing old plants from the garden outside of our classroom.  


Earth Week April 16-April 20


Please remind your child to dress for the weather.  I hope to get the students outside most days. Remember to pack a trash free, peanut free lunch that does not need to be microwaved for our field trip.




Check out all the posts from Mrs. Steinbeck on our class page.  She has uploaded a lot of pictures this school year. There are also links to math games for Unit 7.


Thank you


I would like to thank Sahasrad, Noel, Vishruth, and Jadrianne for helping me create a bulletin board for disability awareness.  Disability board

Upcoming Events


  • April 19- Field Trip Hasting Lake
  • May 2- Farm to Table