Newsletter, April 10, 2016

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

April 10, 2016


During math the past week the students continued to learn about decimals.  This week the students learned how to compare decimals.  Most students found it helpful to draw a place value chart when comparing the numbers.  Student also read decimals on spring scales and graduated cylinders.  Next week we will continue learning about decimals.

There are math games on the class webpage for the students to play and get better at math skills.  The students brought home new math games for next week.  Students need to play the math games two times during the week.


Students read Phoebe the Spy  this week.  This book is mystery book set during the Revolutionary War.  They wrote their reactions and questions in a buddy journal.  Then a reading partner wrote back to them in the journal.  This was a written version of a book talk.   


Students took a few days this week to plan their mysteries.  After carefully planning the setting, characters, clues, and other parts of the story, the students began writing the first draft of the story.  Next week the students will revise and edit their stories.


Science this week was exciting.  The students got to mix together baking soda and vinegar.  They learned that some of the mass changes into carbon dioxide and therefore is not lost.  They also explored  Students will find a study guide for the upcoming test on their Google Classroom.  Next week we will spend time on geography lessons.


The students took the first two reading assessments.  Most students took their time on the test and tried their best.  Please remind your child not to rush through the test.  It is important to get a lot of rest and eat a good breakfast on the testing days.

The fourth graders will be taking PARCC tests in April.  Parents are not allowed in the room during the testing time.  The students will be taking their tests using paper and pencil.  There will be 3 language arts tests and 4 math tests.  You can find out more about the parcc test at  

Pictures and Website

Please remember to look at the classweb page for great pictures and updates.  Mrs. Steinbeck took many pictures and posted them for you to see.  

I also put some math games and science activities for you.  I have also posted information about Family Math Night and a field trip.

Earth Week April 18-22

During Earth Week the students have a different schedule.  They will be doing many different activities outside.  Look for more information about Earth Week coming soon.  

On Tuesday, April 19th our book buddies from Waukegan are coming to PCCS.  We are looking for volunteers to help with lunch.  I believe we are cooking hot dogs on the grill.  Please contact Naomi Hershiser at, if you can help with lunch.

Upcoming Dates

April 11- PARCC test ELA 3

April 12- PARCC test Math 1

April 15- No School

April 18-22 Earth Week

April 18- Opening Ceremony, Ms. Hahn gone in the morning

April 19- Waukegan Book Buddy class coming to PCCS from 10:00-2:45

April 21- Field Trip Hasting Lake

April 22- Closing Ceremony