Newsletter and Math Games April 3, 2016

Ms. Hahn’s Newsletter

April 3, 2016


This week the students learned about decimals to the hundredths place.  They write the fraction version and the decimal version of different numbers.  The difference between numbers such as 1.2 and 1.02 were discussed.  The numbers were represented using models and number lines.  On Wednesday the students learned about multiplication number clusters.  Next week the students will be learning more about decimals and using a protractor.  If you have a protractor at home, your child can bring it to school next week.

There are math games on the class webpage for the students to play and get better at math skills.  The students brought home new math games for next week.  Students need to play the math games two times during the week.


The class started to learn about mysteries this week.  The learned that some mysteries have a false clue called a red herring.  They all read a short mystery from an Encyclopedia Brown book.  Next week the students will continue to read mysteries during reading groups.

During whole group reading lessons, the students did a sample ELA PARCC test.  I projected the test and we did the sample questions together.  They also wrote a response comparing two different reading passages.  We discussed that it is important to just try their best on the test.


This week during writing the students learned more about expanding their writing.  On Monday the students learned about showing not telling in their writing.  Later in the week the students wrote about an event or object without saying the object or event.  The other students in the class had to guess what was written out.  Next week they will begin writing a mystery.


Science this week was a highlight for many students.  They made a cart and tested how far it would travel.  They learned about only changing one thing when testing out your hypothesis.  On Friday the students mixed different things together to observe what would happen.  They mixed together sand/gravel, sand/water, salt/water, and calcium bicarbonate/water.  Next week we will continue to learn about mixing different substances.

Environmental Studies

We went outside for phenology this week.  There are small yellow flowers starting to open near our classroom.  Other bushes have buds starting to open.  Students noticed how green the grass is turning and how the small plants are starting to grow.  


The fourth graders will be taking PARCC tests in April.  Parents are not allowed in the room during the testing time.  The students will be taking their tests using paper and pencil.  There will be 3 language arts tests and 4 math tests.  You can find out more about the parcc test at  

Pictures and Website

Please remember to look at the classweb page for great pictures and updates.  Mrs. Steinbeck took many pictures and posted them for you to see.  

I also put some math games and science activities for you.

Earth Week April 18-22

During Earth Week the students have a different schedule.  They will be doing many different activities outside.  Look for more information about Earth Week coming soon.  Don’t forget to order your Earth Week shirt.

Upcoming Dates

April 4- PARCC test ELA 1

April 5- Green Challenge Assembly

April 6- Early Release

April 8- PARCC test ELA 2

April 11- PARCC test ELA 3

April 12- PARCC test Math 1

April 15- No School

April 18-22 Earth Week