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Newsletter 12-15-19

Newsletter  12-15-19


The class has written three different opinion essays.  For two of the essays, Mrs. Griffin took it very slowly and explained all the elements of an essay.  They learned what to include in each paragraph and how to revise an essay to make it better. This past week the students were able to take all that knowledge about essays and write an essay in one week.  Next week the students will write a realistic fiction story.


In math, the class is working on addition and subtraction strategies.  Some of the strategies include give and take, constant difference, break apart, and the standard algorithm.  We will have an assessment on addition and subtraction on Friday. After the winter break, we will continue Unit 4 that covers measurement.


In reading, the students are learning more about nonfiction books.  The students read a short article in reading group and answered questions about it.  During whole group lessons, we have talked about the parts of a nonfiction book and how to summarize a nonfiction text.  Next week we will continue to work on summarizing.


In science, the students are learning about magnets.  They have experimented with what objects are attracted to a magnet, what objects block the magnetic force, and where the magnetic force is the strongest on a magnet.  There will be a test on magnets on Wednesday. After the break we will be starting a unit called motion and mater.


Upcoming Events


  • 12/18/19        Waste Free Wednesday returns with the added focus – no individual serving-sized packages!

  • 12/18/19 Staff VS Student Basketball game 2:30

  • 12/20/19              Holiday Sing Assembly 8:30-9:30,  Holiday Parties 11:45 – 12:45,

                                              Early Release 1:00

  • 12/23-1/3/20 Winter break

  • 1/6/20 School resumes

  • 1/10/20 Natural Leader Assembly 8:10

  • 1/17/19                Winter Band Concert