Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

What did we do this week in Ms. Hahn’s class? Well, in PE the kids played some of their favorite games as they are winding down their time with Mr. Flinn. Next year they will have Mr. L and he doesn’t usually play the same games, so they might not play these games again. They learned about the art of Jeff Koons in art class and they are working on drawing a balloon animal, so fun.

A highlight of the week was gardening. First we harvested the lettuce in our garden beds, then we washed it, bagged it, and took it to a food pantry. They were so happy to be able to provide fresh lettuce to the people who visit the pantry. Then we had to plant our squash and our corn seeds in the beds. We knew it was going to rain Friday so we wanted everything in before the skies opened up.

Early in the week we were able to visit Taste of the World in the gym. The fifth graders did a great job of researching and presenting what they learned about different countries. Of course, the food samples were awesome.

Finally, our kids have completed their weather projects. They have been researching weather in different parts of Illinois and working on presentations. Most delivered their presentations today. Some made videos, others slide shows, and still others did the good old tri-fold poster. Everyone did a fantastic job.

Anyway, only two weeks left until summer vacation, but more fun remains. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

~ Mrs. Steinbeck