Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

I thought I would be back to getting a lot of photos and writing a great blog post, however, Ms. Hahn was out a couple of days so I just didn’t have the opportunity to get as many pictures when I’m alone. Most of this weeks photos were taken at PE.


In Art class, the kids started working with watercolors. They are painting pictures of trees now. The boomwhackers came out again in music. I’m actually not 100% sure what they did in Spanish, but I believe they are learning about animals. Finally, in PE they continued the baseball unit. Sadly, the weather was so terrible this week that they didn’t get to play baseball outside.

Math/Reading/Writing/Social Studies

Fractions are the focus in math this week. We also completed our fictional narrative stories in writing. During reading they have been working on reading short passages and then answering questions. We have finished our latest social studies unit and will be moving back to science after Native American week.

Next week is Native American Week and this is truly one of my favorite weeks of the entire two years that we have your kids. Skip, our Potawatomi Indian friend from Wisconsin, will be with us sharing stories, tools, and traditions that his ancestors have handed down. I will share many photos next week, so please look for them.

As for Hawk’s Tickets, have your students come to me to let me know my favorite part of Native American Week. Answer: the pow wow

Thankfully we had a wonderful weekend, maybe this weather will stick around??

~Mrs. Steinbeck