Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Oh my, I am so behind on my blog posts, I think I may have only done one since spring break. I have been updating the gallery tab with all the photos, so make sure to go there to see everything. Then read below to hear about all the outdoor activity we had this week for Earth Week.


In Art class, the kids have been finishing up their clay projects by glazing them. It’s always amazing to see what they look like once they are fired in the kiln. We also did a drawing lesson outside, which was so nice during Earth Week. Third graders did an Earth Week lesson during music class, they also learned a new type of music note. In Spanish class they made cascarones which are egg shells filled with confetti. Ours were filled with bird seed. We went to the soccer field at recess to crush them on fellow students and teachers heads. Many of us were finding bird seed and egg shells in our clothes and hair throughout the day. Finally, in PE they started a baseball unit. While we won’t actually play with actual baseballs, they did get to practice hitting dodgeballs off of tees.

Math/Reading/Writing/Social Studies

This week we did not do any of our core subjects. Because it was Earth Week we just focused on those type of activities. We did give the kids new spelling words for next week.

Environmental Education

I’ll share with you some of the highlights from Earth Week by day:
1. Monday – assembly, learned about Anna B. Comstock, a daffodil lesson, and a hike to clean up trash
2. Tuesday – field trip to Moraine Hills State Park, Native American legends, watercolors, picnic lunch, playing on playground, hike
3. Wednesday – learned about Rachel Carson, animal prints, sat in the prairie (got attacked by ticks), watered lettuce, cleaned up garden beds behind the class
4. Thursday – writing haikus, cascarones, how is Australia conserving resources, hike to the woods, art class outdoors
5. Friday – hike around Lake Leopold, snack outside, playing at beach, watched the prairie burn, video on Marshall Islands, watered lettuce

Those are the main things that happened this week. If your kids are the ones who like to get an extra Hawk’s Tickets, have them tell me which movie I saw this weekend. Answer: Avengers: Endgame

Thank you so much to all of the parents who came in to help out the class this week. Special thanks to Mrs. Ausburn, Mrs. Luri, Mrs. Gapinski, and Mrs. Giron-Young for coming with us on the field trip. There are two more field trips that require parent help, as well as, Native American week. So there is still plenty of time to help us out before the end of the year.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully this snow doesn’t last long.

~Mrs. Steinbeck~