Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

We had a good week in Ms. Hahn’s class. Read on to find out about a few of the things we did.


PE was all about jumping rope. They played a game called run through where the kids had to run through a long rope being twirled by two people. It’s the start of teaching them how to “jump-in” to a twirling rope. Some were incredibly brave and faced their fears as they ran through the rope. In Spanish they are learning food vocabulary, in art they continue to do different forms of op art, and in music they are making beautiful music sounds from recorders.

Math/Reading/Writing/Social Studies

In math the kids had a unit 5 test on multiplication and division, they all did a great job. We are now starting a unit on geometry and shapes. In writing they turned their persuasive writing into speeches. They had to go up in front of the class and speak, which can be ver nerve-wracking for some. Everyone continues to read from their pioneer novels in reading and they are now part of a wagon train heading west toward Oregon in social studies – think of Oregon Trail game.

Other Things that Were Happening

We had indoor recess one day this week and the other days we had to avoid the ice at recess, so the kids all jumped rope. Hopefully it warms up a little so that we can get back to using our outdoor areas to the fullest. We have a couple of crows visiting our feeders now. They always come in a pair. A hawk also swooped down and I believe took a smaller bird away for lunch. That’s just how it goes in nature.

We have the IAR tests coming up, these replace the PARCC tests. Everyone taking the test will be on a computer. So during technology time this week we focused on learning what the test will look like and how to use the various tools it has to offer. We want them to be as comfortable with the test as possible so they only have to focus on the material and not the computer. So far we are off to a great start.

Here are a couple of kids getting drinks after a spelling test. I think I may need to give them a test on getting drinks next week!

Lastly, I wanted to brag about our class a little bit. This week we had two children share things that were very hard for them, one child is moving, and this upcoming week will be their last in our classroom, and another child’s dog died. In both instances, everyone was so very willing to hug, support, or just talk with these students. It really does feel like a special community we are building.

Okay, for Hawk’s Tickets this week, what was one thing I did this weekend? Answer: went to school on Saturday and put up a new bulletin board with Ms. Hahn.

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Steinbeck~