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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Another great week of learning and fun is in the books! We started the week with PE and this time they played scooter soccer. It looked like so much fun and everyone seemed to be having a blast.

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Recess is always a good time. It amazes me how everybody gets along so well and they do a great job of finding a variety of things to play and do. This week it was fort building, swinging, gaga ball (of course), and even a group that walked around practicing The Twelve Days of Christmas!  It was awesome, a couple of school employees even poked their heads out of their doors and joined in on the fun!

img_4407 img_4408 img_4409 img_4410 img_4412 img_4413 img_4444 img_4442

At lunch one day I noticed that Micah was really enjoying his barbecue chicken and I snapped this photo. He gave me permission to share it with the class!


In reading, the class is still reading The Chocolate Touch, everyone seems to be enjoying the book. Writing saw the kids adding more details to their stories. They also practiced telling their stories to a partner a few times. Every time they did so they had to change things up a bit to really bring the listener into the story. Then they would write down the best version of their story. By the end of the week they were working on creating a variety of beginnings to their stories. So by the time they are done the story should have an exciting start and a lot of detail to really engage the reader. They continued to work on maps in social studies, plus we went outside for a Phenology lesson. In math, third graders have been working on perimeter and graphing. One day they went outside and collected leaves and measured them. They measured multiple leaves from the same tree and recorded the sizes. They then brought the data back inside and made line plots and bar graphs of the data.

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If you get a chance over the next couple of weekends, our very own Zane is performing in James and the Giant Peach Junior with the Spotlight Youth Theater. Click here to get your tickets. I’m sure he would love to see as many classmates in the audience as possible. There are quite a few current PCCS students and alumni in the performance. I’ll be there on Sunday!

Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck