Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

This will be short and sweet this week. I’m just going to give you some highlights. Jump over to the Gallery tab to see other pictures.


  • PE – jump rope
  • Music – we started recorders!!
  • Art – optical art, think illusions
  • Spanish – interrogatives and food items

Reading – the kids continue to read novels about pioneers

Math – area was the topic this week

Writing – they continued with their opinion writing, they will be turning them into speeches next week

Social Studies – learning about how the pioneers lived, they even sat in the space that was similar to a covered wagon and a pioneer home

Other stuff:

  • Farm to Table was made by 8th graders this time, so good
  • Fun outside at recess playing in the snow
  • Quiet spots in the snow

Sorry that was so short, but hopefully you got a taste of what we did this week. As usual your kids can get a Hawk’s Tickets if they come and tell me something that I share here, let’s try with what instrument I own that I would love to learn to play, it’s my ukulele!

Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck