Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

It was a short week in Ms. Hahn’s class, but we still did a lot of fun and educational things. Read on to see how we spent the week.


  • PE – The kids have been playing with paddles and balls this week. First they had to bounce the balls into buckets using the paddles. This was a lot harder than you would think. They eventually worked up to a paddle game similar to tennis, except the ball needed to go under the net. It was a lot of fun. Then on Thursday, because the gym was being used, we took PE outside. The only direction they were given was to build the biggest snowballs with a group. At first a bunch of small groups were formed, but eventually kids decided that joining groups would be a better solution. It was really amazing to watch as students worked together to build the biggest snowball.
  • Music – They played instruments this week in music. They are getting good at reading and playing music.
  • Art – The last kids finished their clay projects, yay! Now they can get fired and we can get to the painting. All other students have moved on to an op art project in which they are making drawings that look like optical illusions.
  • Spanish – Students have been learning interrogatives and food vocabulary in Spanish this week. Click here to see the interrogatives.


In math we are working on division and multiplication. They have also started working on area of different sized rectangles. Everyone is reading novels pertaining to pioneers for reading. There are three different novels being read at this time. Students are doing opinion writing right now. Think “Why You Should Like Horses”, “Why You Should See the new Spiderman Movie”, or “Why PCCS Should Have a Trampoline Park”. It’s definitely a process, but they are doing a great job. In social studies we are studying early Americans and pioneers. Students are always so interested to hear how people lived back in those days.

Other Things that Were Happening

We had a lot of fun on Thursday as we went to the Winter PBIS Celebration in the gym. The kids got to jump around on inflatables, climb the rock wall, scoot on scooters, and other fun activities. Later in the day we celebrated Valentine’s Day by having a really fun party.
Thank you so much to all of the parents who volunteered at both events. The celebration and the party were so much fun for the kids. We can’t thank the parents who sent in food, organized, supervised, and cleaned up the party enough. We are so appreciative of the support you all provide us. Thanks, also, for all of the nice gifts. It was really sweet of you all to think of me.

I think that’s enough for a four-day-week. I’m sure the kids are waiting, so this week have them tell me what instrument I played in grade school and middle school. It was the clarinet. They will get Hawk’s Tickets if they do!

Have a super long weekend!
~Mrs. Steinbeck~