Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Winter Break is coming up so quickly and you can tell because student focus isn’t great, but we are doing what we can to keep the days full so that nobody gets too far off task. It’s hard even for the teachers! Here’s what we did this week.


The holiday sing is coming up quickly and I can tell you that the kids are doing so well on their song. They’ve only practiced about 3 times, but they can already sing it without prompts. In art class, third graders are working on books that describe the seven elements of art. PE class has been fun with some great parachute games.


In reading we are working on non-fiction texts. Informational writing about something the kids know a lot about has been the current focus of writing class. The kids took a math test this week on the different strategies of adding and subtracting. We are now in a unit which has a little bit of multiplication, telling time, and measuring with different types of units. Science has been about animal adaptations. Ask your child what color of a hare would survive best in a desert vs. a snowy area.

Third graders got to share their fractured fairy tales with another class this week. Our guest author came by again and was very impressed with the hard work that the kids put into their stories.

Other Things that Were Happening

Friday started with a Green Assembly about using less stuff. Some of our kids presented information about recycling. They did a great job. We also got to watch the school Geography Bee, all those involved did fantastic. And, of course, they all got to attend the Holiday Bazaar and shop for gifts for their family members. Thanks to everyone who helped out by donating items to make it such a great event.

Even More Other Things

The snow is gone for the moment, but the cold is here. Please make sure your student has a hat and gloves every day. This week many kids did not have proper outdoor clothing. Snow pants and boots are often a good idea even if there is no snow. They provide an additional layer of warmth.

As we move forward in the year our kids will be on a Chromebook more and more. So look for additional assignments that will need to be completed on computers. Specifically, they are working in Google apps. They have now started doing sentences and will soon be doing write sorts on the computer. Our goal is to have them fully comfortable with the Chromebook by they time they hit 5th grade.

Your child can get a Hawk’s Ticket next week when they come up and tell me my favorite cartoon characters. It’s the Peanut’s Gang! They can just mention Snoopy or Charlie Brown if they want.

Image result for peanuts gang

Have an enjoyable weekend!

~Mrs. Steinbeck