Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Some weeks I take tons of photos, others not so much. This week was a not so much week. We did a lot of finishing up projects, or nearly finishing them up, so that we can start new things after the Thanksgiving break.


In music class, third graders were shown this really cool video about a music making machine that this musician/engineer created. The guy has a lot of cool videos on YouTube. Here is the link to the one they watched , I’m sure they would love for you to see it. In Spanish they were practicing speaking sentences in which they were telling someone they needed something, ask them for an example. In PE they played pin guard, different tag games, and Star Wars. They always start the class with a warm up. Finally, in Art they continued their self portraits, they are so amazing.


More strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems were taught this week in math. They have also been rounding, estimating, and using base 10 blocks to visualize the size of larger numbers.
Most kids have now completed their two writing assignments, the true story, and their fractured fairytale. If they are not yet done, they will be by Tuesday. The fairytales will be on display during conferences, so make sure to take a look.
Almost everyone is done with The Chocolate Touch, so they are doing one last project related to that book. They are making large paper neckties that have illustrations relating to some of the character traits that the main character exhibited throughout the book.
In social studies we have continued learning about different tribes of Native Americans. They also have learned about who did what duties in a Native American family and tribe.

Environmental Education

On Friday, we went outside for Phenology. It’s always fun to go out after the first major snow and document all of the differences we see. You can also see so many indications of the animals that live nearby because of their tracks in the snow. We have many bird feeders around campus and we enjoyed watching the large variety of birds that seem thankful for this food source.

Other Things that Were Happening

We started the week attending our Veteran’s Day assembly. Students were very respectful throughout the assembly. We saw the giant flag we helped make which had the list of veterans that we provided. Other veterans names were attached to smaller flags that lined the sidewalk between the Carson building and the gym building.

Even More Other Things

SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! We had snow this week which made recess more fun for most kids. It didn’t stick around too long, but they still made the best of it. Unfortunately some kids did not have boots or snow pants, so they were not allowed to play in it. Please, from this point forward send your student with boots and snow pants every day. Regardless of the weather or amount of snow, we go outside. They often get cold and wet just being outside, so the snow pants help keep them dry and warm. Boots keep their feet dry and warm, plus their shoes don’t get ruined by the moisture and mud. Hats and gloves are a must too. We also take long walks that require proper attire. Keeping a change of clothes in your student’s locker is a good idea as well, especially extra socks.

I think that about does it for this week. So my secret this week will be what I’m most thankful for, hopefully it’s obvious, but tell your kids to tell me that my family is what I’m most thankful for and I will give them a Hawk’s Ticket.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, please know how thankful that I am that you allow me to work with your children every day. I don’t take that responsibility lightly. My goal is to make sure they keep up with their work, to help them when they need it, to remind them that they don’t always need the help, and to keep them smiling throughout the day. This is the only job that I’ve ever had that I genuinely enjoy coming to every single day. So for that I’m forever thankful.

Have a great week and a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! No post next week, so check back in a couple to see what fun things we are up to!