Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

We had a great week in Ms. Hahn’s class this past week. The weather was quite weird with pouring rains, sweltering heat, and cooler temperatures all in one week. Plus the invasion of the mosquitoes is well in hand. Despite all of that the kids learned a lot and had some fun.

Environmental Education

Ms. Naomi introduced the kids to the wetlands near the school. The 3rd graders got to scoop muck out of Lake Leopold and investigate what type of critters were there. They caught a water beetle, a fish, and many other things. Later in the week we went out towards the soccer field and they got to draw the landscape in front of them. Some of the details they were including were amazing.

PE and Recess

Both PE and recess were fun this week. In PE the kids played soccer outside one day, inside when it was so wet, and then movement activities in the classroom when the gym was being used for the clothing sale. They also got a health lesson on the importance of keeping clean and even using deodorant as they are getting older. At recess they continued to make cool shelters with the tarps and ropes.


Besides our adventures outside, the kids have been creating and researching plants and animals that live in the wetlands and forests. Outside of our classroom are large murals that display all of their hard work. In math we have been working on subtracting utilizing borrowing. Students got to share some of their writing the other day and in reading we have been working with small groups.

As you can see we had another busy week. Hop over to the gallery tab to see even more photos that I’ve been taking.

Just to make sure people are looking at my posts, have your kids stop by and tell me what my favorite football team isĀ (Green Bay Packers) and I’ll give them a Hawk’s Ticket.

Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck