Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Boy, did we have a great week in Ms. Hahn’s class. We started the week with some fun PE classes (plus some good health training) and a new adaptive swing on the playground. All of the kids are free to use the new swing. We let the 3rd graders know that not every student has the strength to hold onto a regular swing, so this swing will allow all of PCCS students to enjoy the swings at recess.

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Did you ever wonder what a cattail looks like up close and personal? Well, Ms. Hahn’s class found out this week. They worked in small groups and dissected different parts of the cattail. Ask them what the stem of a cattail looks like when you slice it crossway, it is very interesting.

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The most exciting thing we did this week was our Earthkeeper’s field trip. Everyone had a great time as we found E.M.’s lab and some of the wilderness that they explored. It was a great trip, despite the rain that fell for a portion of both days. The kids did a great job learning how everything on the planet is connected. They learned about soil specks, water specks, and air specks. Hopefully they are starting to understand that the planet will only have the same soil, water, and air specks that it has always had, there is no way to get any more, so it’s our job to do what we can to protect these resources.

You can help at home by taking shorter showers, not watering your grass, collecting rainwater in rain barrels, turning off lights, recycling, and many other small steps. Hopefully one of the reasons you send your kids to Prairie Crossing Charter School is because of our commitment to the environment.

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A huge shout-out to Jaden, Jadrianne, and Luke’s moms for coming out to help us on the trip. It was great to have you along. Also, Mrs. Hershiser’s mom helped out in a very large way and did a fantastic job with our students. All of the kids have now earned their “k” keys. The third graders will be continuing to earn keys during the rest of the school year.

That’s it for this week, next week should be back to a regular week. I may not do a blog post next week because I will be in a training session all day Monday and I’m off on Thursday and Friday to take my oldest son on a few college visits (yes, I’m really old enough to have a soon to be college-aged kid!) so I probably won’t take too many pictures next week. But I’ll try once I get back. Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck