Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Hello! Hello!

Another week is under our belts and it was a fun one. We worked on all kinds of things starting with a bus drill. The kids got to work on safely exiting a school bus in case there is an emergency. This week we have been studying more about the prairie. They have learned about insects, flowers, and animals on the prairie. We also introduced the Chromebooks so that they could do some research.


In math, we have been reviewing basic math facts and strategies for solving problems. This week we used a lot of games to help support these concepts. Everyone did a great job while playing with a partner.

Specials and Recess

PE and recess have been fun. They have been doing relay events at PE, but they also played an epic game which included hopping in hula-hoops and playing rock-paper-scissors to advance. I gave the kids some fun things to play with at recess. They now have tarps and ropes to make shelters. I also included some bowls, plates, and scales. They are learning the treble clef and notes in music and were inspired by the drawings and paintings of Wayne Thiebaud in art class. They also got to try instruments so they can join the band. 


And finally, we’ve been working on what it means to be a good reader. Third graders have been practicing Read-to-Self and Read-to-Someone, so far they have been very eager readers. Please make sure that they have ample opportunity to read at home.

That is it for this week, enjoy the long weekend and check back here next week for some more updates!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck