Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

WOW! The first week of 3rd grade is already completed. Ms. Hahn and I have enjoyed getting to know all of the new kids in the class. I found it particularly easy to get to know names this year because so many of our students have been in some of my clubs. We also welcomed two new students to the school into our class and they seem to be fitting in just perfectly. I’m proud of how our students have made them feel so welcome.

Nearly every week you will find a kind of blog post that I write. I love taking pictures so I take a lot of them throughout the year. Most you will find in the Gallery tab of Ms. Hahn’s webpage. So go there when you just want to see pictures. I use the main page to tell you a bit more about some of the activities and then I include a few photos. As the owner of these photos, I give you permission to download them and use them any way that you wish.

So with that, here is a quick sneak into what we did this week.

The first week of school is always about getting to know each other, learning and establishing expectations, and organizing all of the supplies that you sent in. We also got a presentation by a student with hearing loss who explained what that means to her classmates. Everyone did a great job listening and asking wonderful questions.

Natural Leaders

We take our job of creating natural leaders very seriously. So we spent a significant amount of time this week interacting with the natural world around us both close to our classroom and out in the prairie. Ask your kids about the insect sweep, life in a prairie (biodiversity), phenology, and plant whiff.

PE and Recess

Some of the favorite times for the kids happen at PE and recess. They did some team activities in PE and they are playing all kinds of things at recess. If you haven’t sent in PE shoes please do so this coming week.

I look forward to sharing more of what goes on in Ms. Hahn’s class during the year. Keep checking back here to see everything your kids are doing. Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck