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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Hello! We had a strange mix of weather for Earth Week, but we made the best of it and had a great time. I’m only going to post a few photos here, so if you want to see a whole bunch more, jump over to the Gallery Tab. Here are some highlights from each day:

Monday: We went to hear the 8th graders present their culminating projects. It’s always nice to see how much work they put into these projects.

Tuesday: We started with Kindergarten Book Buddies hike, it was chilly, but the kids had fun. Later, Dylan presented to the class his learnings from a book that talks about turning elephant poop into paper. After he read the book we did a little research and found out that you could buy some of the paper. So he shared a piece with everyone in the class. We also went on a yoga hike.

Wednesday: The weather wasn’t nice and Ms. Hahn was off, so we still did some fun activities, like role playing different environmental jobs, and deciding what to do with an empty lot, but I didn’t get any photos.

Thursday: We went on a great field trip to Hastings Lake Forest Preserve. The kids learned a lot and got to see a whole bunch of different animals. When we got back we were able to make it to art class and worked on our pottery.

Friday: Another hike with an interview of living thing, followed by a bit more yoga, and then he class had a wonderful time trying to crack the code of the escape room activity. We were able to solve all the puzzles! Then in the afternoon they went out and did some gardening. We are a little behind on getting things cleaned up.

So Earth Week 2018 is in the books. My hope is that the lessons the kids have learned with Ms. Hahn and I stick with them throughout their lives and they truly become stewards for the earth. We only have one. Have a great weekend.

~ Mrs. Steinbeck