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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

It’s been a little bit since I put up a post, I hope everyone is well. Let’s get right to it. This week was a little crazy because of PARCC testing, but we all made it through. Even though the kids were doing math PARCC tests, we still did math lessons, but they were a little less intense than usual. Lots of games and group activities. The main focus at the moment is on comparing fractions, so we all worked together to compare some.

We have switched back to science and started a unit on motion and matter. So we started with motion and the kids learned about forces, push/pull, gravity, friction, etc. so far. They got to do some experiments with ramps to enhance their learning.

In PE they played team handball. The kids really like this game and Mr. L. helped them make it better by adding a few new rules, such as you must pass the ball in 3 seconds and each team needs to have 5 passes before they can try to score. This really sped up the game, spread the kids out, and got everyone involved. It was really fun to watch.

Recess was fun for the kids this week, but I didn’t like it. I’m not really sure why spring hasn’t started yet, but I’m tired of wearing my winter coat, hat, gloves, and even boots. It has to show up eventually.

On Friday morning we had some time between math and recess. Some kids were busy with their work, but others had finished and started to get a little wiggly, so I took them up to the library area. It’s been totally redesigned and we hadn’t taken the kids up there yet. We spent about 15 minutes just sitting quietly reading in the very peaceful place.

I think that is it for the highlights of the week. Have a great weekend!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck