Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Well, that was quite a week. We had so many kids out sick that it was pretty difficult to get into a decent flow. It seems like we are on the tail-end of the illnesses, so hopefully we have everyone back on Monday.

This week was Peace Week at the school, so we bookended the week with assemblies. After Monday’s assembly we hooked up with our book buddies and worked with them to determine some ways that we feel peaceful. It is so fun working with the kindergarten class.

In writing the kids are finishing up their poetry unit. So we have been printing out their final work in order to create a poetry book for them. The fourth graders also shared their work with one another again.

I didn’t take any pictures at PE this week due to a variety of reasons. But they have started a new unit, Pickle Ball! It seams like a really fun game. They also got to play Bowling Pin Dodgeball on Friday, this was a treat because they don’t get to play that very much anymore, but it really is a fun game.

Social studies has us deep in Colonial America. We have now started working on the original 13 colonies.

The music teacher incorporated Peace Week into her lessons this week.

We started working on area in math on Friday. The first order of business was to create a square that would have an area of 144 sq. in. This meant a bunch of tiles being put to use. They then walked around the classroom measuring things to determine the area of them.

I thought this picture was funny. I can assure you that both students actually have bodies, as much as they just look like floating heads!

That’s it for this week. Let’s hope everyone is back to school on Monday! Enjoy the Super Bowl (or whatever you do on Super Bowl Sunday)!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck