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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Let’s get right to it. First off, I hope those students who missed school or were sent home from school (there was a lot) are feeling better. We literally had 1/3 of our class out of school by the end of the day on Friday. Sorry they missed Pizza Friday as well. Please continue to keep kids home who are not feeling well. Obviously if they have a fever or are vomiting you must keep them home. But consider keeping them home even if they feel poorly, but don’t have other symptoms. The school is working extra hard over the weekend to clean everything up and we’ve been washing hands often and wiping down surfaces multiple times a day.

The week started with the School Choice assembly and school-wide spelling bee. Both of our students did a great job in the bee. I’m sure we will see them and others on the stage again next year!

Recess, oh my, recess. One week we have some snow to play in and then the next we have mud pits. Both are fun for the kids, of course.

I thought that Cole, looked suspiciously like a minion once he took off his jacket!

In PE they have been continuing volleyball and on Friday they did some teamwork exercises.

For social studies we’ve been learning about early colonists. We continued the discussion of Jamestown and introduced Plymouth. The kids made a little model of Jamestown that they should have brought home. It is a cute project.

Poems have continued to be the focus of writing. The kids are now at the point of editing their poems and putting together an anthology. This is based on an over all theme such as love, friendship, apologies, etc. They then wrote poems with different topics pertaining to the theme. They should be putting together the final touches this week.

In reading they’ve been listening to poetry and then doing small group work on non-fiction articles. It’s been a bit of a challenge with all of the absences, but we will get it done.

Shapes and angles is still the focus in math. We did change things up a bit on Friday and worked on multiple step word problems. These proved very difficult to most of our students, so we will be revisiting this topic again.

And finally, hopefully you have heard by now, that our classroom won the door decorating contest that was part of spirit week! We worked very hard on the door and then even added a very funny video to help “sway” the judges a bit. The kids had so much fun making the door and the video. I will have the video available to watch at the student-led conferences. Now we have to decide how to spend our $300 prize!

Alright, that’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and get healthy!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck