Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

As I am frantically holding on to my last few hours of winter break, this will be short and sweet. Plus, I can’t possibly remember what we did the last week of school prior to break, so I will just share some photos.

I really only have pictures from the holiday party and from the photo booth at the party that Mrs. Johnson shared with me. All of them have been loaded onto the Gallery tab, so please hop over there to view them.

Speaking of the party, thank you to all of the parents who sent something in or were able to stop by. The kids really love these parties and everything you do to help makes them so special. Honestly, they would be really lame if Ms. Hahn and I were in charge. Thanks to Mrs. Halverson for organizing it!

Thank you to everyone for the thoughtful gifts you gave me before break. Some will last forever, some have already been spent, and others were eaten by Christmas day (I do have 3 boys at home)! The whole class gift was so appreciated as well. Your kids can probably guess what I will use it for, that’s right a new fountain pen!

So anyway, here is a selection of photos from that holiday party. Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to seeing your kids at school on Monday!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck