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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

We’ve made it! Just a few days until winter break starts. I’m sure the kids are just as excited as the teachers are, but we are really excited!

So here’s a quick peek into what happened in Ms. Hahn’s class this week.

Let’s start with recess. We had snow finally. Not a lot, but the kids enjoyed every little bit that we had. We also had another wedding this week.

In PE they continued their basketball unit.

Science was a lot of fun this week. We are working on a sound unit. So we used cones and our hands to make sounds louder, we took a hike to try to make echos in different locations. Tunnels work, leafless bushes, not so much. The side of the gym worked pretty well too. We saw plenty of tracks along the way as well. Then they got to pretend to be bats and moths in a blindfold game that Naomi taught them. One day they listened to different types of instruments to understand how some sounds are made from plucking strings, banging, or blowing into an instrument. Finally, they determined if sound was louder/softer and higher/lower while I played a glockenspiel. Next week they will take a sound test.


In reading we continue to work through our small group novels. Everyone should be done by Friday. The fictional stories they are working on in writing will be due on Friday as well. Most kids are about ready to work on final drafts.

Math has been subtraction strategies and elapsed time. The unit test will be this week as well. Obviously we are trying to get everything done before we head to break. We also had a environment math lesson. The kids learned about the highest mountains on each continent. Then they graphed the differing heights using blocks to make visual comparisons.

I took this photo this week. We’ve had a lot of students moving around the room to find a spot that doesn’t have the sun shinning into their eyes. I’m not complaining about sunny weather, but you might need to send sunglasses in soon!

That is it for this week. Next week is a very busy one so look for one more post next week.

Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck