Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

We came back from Thanksgiving break and hit the ground running. Fourth graders got a taste of working in a spreadsheet and using the sum function. They also created a chart with the data they were using. We are trying to incorporate a  technology lesson into our plans each week.

Writing is all about the students this time. They have been tasked to write an autobiography. We helped them get started with a packet that discussed transition words as well as proper sequencing. So they really shouldn’t say they went to Disney when they were five and then go back to tell the reader that they were born in 2008.

In reading, the kids are just starting new novels that they will read with small reading groups.

The subject of the week in science was light, the kids got to do a bunch of fun experiments. This week they will do a lesson with Naomi and they will also take a test on light.

I sat in on an art class this week and it is really amazing at the quality of art that fourth graders can produce.

As usual, PE is so much fun. They did a teamwork challenge one day this week and then it was onto basketball.

In music class the fourth graders have begun working on their holiday sing performance. I won’t spoil anything and let you know what they will be singing, but trust me, they are doing a great job already!

As you may know, recess is always a fun time for the kids. The amusement park is still going strong, but tag has also popped up lately. So has rolling down the hill that maybe covered in snow at some point.

This is a big week for the class as we try to stay focused during the waning days until winter break. As I mentioned earlier, they have a science test, new novels to read, a spelling test, and the holiday bazaar is on Thursday. Speaking of that, if you haven’t already, please donate some items to the holiday bazaar. It works so much better when families donate at least as many items as their kids will be purchasing. I know that my own son will only be buying four items at the bazaar, but we probably donated 30 different things. It was a great way to clear out some of our stuff too.

Alright, that’s it for this week. Have a wonderful week!

~Mrs. Steinbeck