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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

I skipped writing a post last week because my family was up in Minneapolis visiting our son at college. It was great to see him in person again after a few months away. So for this post I will combine a bit of what happened over the last two weeks.

Let’s get right into P.E. The last two weeks were soccer and frisbee golf. The kids really enjoyed playing both games. Huge kudos to Mr. L for making a frisbee golf course by the park and soccer field. And we had such perfect weather this week.

Recess has been fun with this nice weather. The amusement park ride game has continued and then general hanging on the monkey bars has been fun too. Plus the new United States map has been a great addition. Currently Simon Says “Go to x-State” has kept the kids busy. Plus, as a bonus, they are learning their states!

In the last two weeks we’ve spent a lot of time outside. We have done phenology, quiet spots, and we did a class with Ms. Naomi on naming conventions of living things, think species, etc.

Inside we have been doing wonderful things too. In reading we have concluded a unit on Greek myths and have now began reading a whole class book called The Underworlds #1. Everyone seems to be very interested in both of these. In writing the kids have continued working on an opinion essay. They are trying to develop interesting introductions, three paragraphs which include reasons and examples, and then a nice conclusion tying it all up.

In math we have just finished a unit on multiplication and division. We saw some really good growth between their pre-test and the end of the unit assessment. Next week we start in on a unit about fractions and decimals.

So that is the last two weeks in a quick recap. Starting next week the kids will be doing research and a research project on an early explorer. Ask them who they have to research and maybe take them to the library and see if they can find a couple of books on the explorer. We have a few in class, but they may want more information.

Finally, this week we challenged the kids to be trash free at lunch. They did a great job! We had one day where 20 out of 24 were completely trash free. That is just great so let’s try to keep it up. Those kids that were trash free everyday will get the use of my desk and chair and some other prizes.

I’m including a bit of information from the school at the end of this post as well. First, is the Green Gazette that the Green Team put together. Take a look at all the great things they have going on.

Green Gazette 17-18 Tri1

Secondly is a brief note from Mrs. Dybas regarding photography at school events like Halloween parties.

Dear Parents,

As we approach our holiday seasons with upcoming parties and group events, we look forward to seeing you and your children participating in all aspects of the celebrations. In the classroom, staff may come by and take pictures of the students and parents having fun. Please note, however, that some families have opted for their children not to be photographed. If you plan to take pictures of anyone other than your child, please ensure that you have obtained parental permission of the children you photograph prior to taking those pictures. Additionally, some parents may prefer that their children’s pictures not be posted on social media. Please check with them before posting. We look forward to making more wonderful memories with your children and you! Thank you for your understanding.

Dil Dybas
Prairie Crossing Charter School
Community Engagement Liaison


Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck