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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Alright, this weekend is way too nice for me to spend a great deal of time sitting on the computer, so this will be quick. Plus it looks like this was one of those weeks were I was not really good at taking photos, so there are not a whole lot to share.

P.E. brought an introduction to soccer. It was a little difficult because we were in the gym so there is nothing to slow down the ball, but everyone was doing great. Mr. L is an expert in soccer, so they definitely will learn a whole lot.

On Friday we went to see The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs which was a musical based on a story which is told by the wolf’s perspective. It was actually really good, the set was neat, make-up was cool, and the actors did a wonderful job.

We finished the electricity unit in science and continued our multiplication unit in math. In both cases hands on learning is very effective. Ratio tables in math and determining what things solid and liquid conduct electricity in science were both fun and educational for the kids to make.

This week we had phenology which is our scientific look at the seasons. There was a lot to notice this time as things are changing very quickly as we move through fall.

One of our small reading groups did a readers theater for the class on Friday. They did a great job and the rest of the class really enjoyed watching and supporting their classmates.

Finally, I wanted to share with you that our 4th graders have seemed to move on from the weddings at recess. While I thought it was cute how they were playing, I was looking forward to the next thing. So now they have come up with a game where they visit an amusement park. They have a box full of tickets to the park, so someone is a ticket booth, kids line up to get a ticket and then take the ticket to a ticket taker at a ride. The ride is one of the swings. The person who is in charge of the ride buckles the rider into the swing and then pushes them (pretty high) while other riders wait patiently in a large line for their turn. I think they are being so creative with this game and I love how they are all working together, it’s fun to watch. The only problem is that they can only play it on the playground and we have recess in market square a few times a week!

Have a great weekend!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck