Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

We had a short week in Ms. Hahn’s class this week between the Labor Day holiday and an early release, but we still managed to get some things done. First, the boring stuff, the kids all took the NWEA tests for reading and math. Everyone did great and those that did not complete a test will get time this coming week to finish.

So this week we went on a nice long hike over to Oak Openings. That is the nature trail across 45. We walked about a mile from the school (using the tunnel under 45) and saw both prairies and woodlands, although, for this hike it was the woodlands we were most interested in. Once in the woods the kids had to find a spot to sit and fill out some information about what they were seeing and hearing around them. They also drew pictures of the woods. Then they played a game with Naomi in which they got into pairs, blindfolded one of the pair, and then the person who could see led them to a tree. They had to touch, smell, taste?, the tree. Then they were led back to the start. The blindfolds came off and they had to go find which tree was their tree. It was fun to watch and most eventually found their tree.

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The kids worked on writing using descriptive words this week. They also practiced reading to a partner. So it worked really well when they read what they had written to their partners!

sept-5-42 sept-5-41 sept-5-40

On Friday they continued to learn about elapsed time. We put them into groups of 3 and assigned each group a problem. The third graders worked on the problem and then presented the answer and how they got the answer to the class. It was great to see them working together and nobody seemed uncomfortable presenting to the class.

sept-5-44 sept-5-45 sept-5-46 sept-5-47 sept-5-48 sept-5-49

Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck