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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Happy Hot Weekend! Keep reading for a quick review of what we did in Ms. Hahn’s class this week.

We love our book buddies in Mrs. Parker’s kindergarten class and this week they invited us to listen to stories they wrote. Not only was it exciting to hear what these little kids have done since school started, but it was also amazing to see how far our kids have come since they were in kindergarten.

Let’s keep on the path of sharing writing. Our 4th graders got the chance to share their stories with the the 3rd graders in Mrs. McGovern’s class. They should be very proud of how well they did in both writing their stories and in reading them.

We’ve continued to learn about electricity this week. Between making circuits to light up various numbers of lightbulbs to walking around campus learning about the alternative energy sources we use at PCCS they’ve made great strides in understanding this complex subject.

Did I mention how hot it was this week? Well due to the Used Clothing sale using the gym, we had to have PE outside. The kids did a great job of taking breaks and drinking water. Speaking of water, however, we need everyone to have a water bottle everyday at school. For one, we go outside a lot and having water is necessary, and secondly it’s a lot less distracting for kids to go to their lockers and take a quick drink than to have to get permission and then leave the classroom for a drink. So please send water bottles everyday. The kids have been doing pretty well learning how to play ultimate frisbee.

So, it was really hot this week (noticing a theme?), but we still made our way over to quiet spots. Our spots are generally out in the open, but this time we let the kids sit under trees in the shade if they wanted. Things are changing so fast right now that we like to get outside to see it each week.

Math has been fun lately. The kids are learning how to break apart larger multiplication problems into smaller problems that they can more easily tackle. Think 12 x 13, if you do (10 x 13) + (2 x 13) it becomes easier to solve. They’ve also been using manipulatives to help in their problem solving.

Well, that was our week in a nutshell. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck