Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

I’m going to be short and sweet this weekend because it is so nice outside that I don’t want to spend much time sitting on a computer. So here it goes.

We met our book buddies from kindergarten this week. Ms. Hahn and I were so proud of our kids for how they quickly realized that they were the “big kids” and they worked so patiently with their new friends. We will meet often with our buddies throughout the year and I know it will be good for both classes.

This past week was spirit week, one day everyone dressed up in Harry Potter garb.

Quiet spots happened again this week, but that wasn’t our only journey outside to look at the changes in nature. One morning we noticed how the dew was sparkling on all of the plants and webs, that coupled with the low angle of the sun made for a magical experience. The kids even went outside for music class this week!

Speaking of music class, the kids are loving it this year. They are singing, learning notes, and even playing instruments! They went outside to listen to the sounds in nature and then they came back inside and used instruments to try to mimic the sounds they heard.

Science and math have seen the kids get a lot of hands on learning completed this week. Math concepts relating to measurements and the science of electricity have sparked a lot of curiosity and teamwork.

We’ve also had our first Farm to Table lunch this week. It was really good. Please note that our class is one of the first classes to go over so they will not be allowing us to have seconds (so they make sure that there is enough for everyone). It might be a good idea to send a little something extra on F2T days to tide your child over until they get home.

Pizza Friday is Back!!! For those of us who have been around the school for awhile you will remember when we had pizza every Friday. Well, it’s not every Friday, but 3 times this year the PSO will be sponsoring a Pizza Friday. You can use this Pizza Friday Form to place your orders. Get them in by September 27 and please read the order form carefully as the money is to go directly to the PSO.

Alright, I’m off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend, I hope you do the same!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck