Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Hello, hello!

As we inch ever so close to the end of the school year it’s becoming a little harder for everyone to stay totally focused on the tasks at hand. But I think we had a great mix of educational, and fun activities this week to keep us on track. Let me tell you about some of them.

I generally like to start with PE not only because it is the first subject we have each week, but I have to say the PE program has been improved so much this year. I tend to be an active participant in whatever they are doing, simply because it is a fun way to start the day! This week they played lacrosse. They learned how to hold the stick, how to scoop the ball, and how to shoot. Shooting drills and a game of Hungry, Hungry, Hippo helped reinforce the techniques in an exciting way. We had a shortened PE on Tuesday due to a Green Assembly, in which case, Mr. Flinn brought out the parachute and some balls. The kids really loved playing with those items.

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Reading this week has been the continuation of the current novels the kids are reading. Freckle Juice and Owl in the Shower are preceding nicely. The Gumbo Limbo group has just gotten started. We won’t have much time for reading this week due to it being Earth Week, so they will get back to it the following week.

We didn’t do a whole lot of math in the classroom this week. The kids had to take three different math PARCC tests, so we didn’t feel like they should have to have math twice those days. The two days that we did have math we worked on our two-step word problems again.

In writing the kids have been learning about and writing poetry. They seem to really enjoy listening to the different poems, but struggle a bit with writing it. This would be a fun thing to practice at home.

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Social studies has been focused on Illinois becoming a state. We even made a timeline together of different events such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. I was at the front of the class and made one as a model as the kids made theirs. For some reason, mine became a coveted item. So on Friday we held an auction and one student purchased it for 60 Hawks Tickets. Crazy kids!

We were able to get outside a good amount this week. We went to the horseshoe to do a quiet spot and also got in some gardening. The kids love both activities. But quiet spots was the favorite activity. It is so peaceful sitting around the lake watching the ducks and geese, and listening to the variety of chirps from all the birds. Everyone was inspired to write and draw such wonderful things. Nearly all of the kids decided to share what they had done with the class too, so that was neat.

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Lastly, we enjoyed two food related activities this week. Farm-to-Table was on Wednesday and we had a tasty meal of chicken, pasta, salad, and cheesecake/chocolate mouse cups for dessert. We also attended Taste-of-the-World which the 5/6 graders put on. Here they learn about a foreign country and then make bite-sized tastes of food from that country. We get to walk around and learn about new places and try new foods. Everything was really wonderful!

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Just a heads up, next week is Earth Week. We will be outside a good portion of each day, so please watch the weather and send your child with the appropriate clothing. They will need water bottles all week. Especially on Friday when we are on our field trip. Please take some time next week to help your child understand how important the earth is. We all need to work together to get this generation doing whatever they can to leave it in a better condition. Previous generations have not been overly kind to it. However, our school and our kids have the opportunity to make small changes that can spread and be impactful. So put some extra thought into what you are sending in for lunch this week. Maybe fresh fruit instead of fruit snacks, how about an actual peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of Uncrustables, and instead of Lunchables, send in crackers, meat, and cheese in a bento type box. It really does make a difference.

Have a great Earth Week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck