Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Hello, hello!

I’m a little behind schedule with this weeks blog post due to a commitment with a PCCS club on Saturday, so I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. I will not be posting next week as my family will be out of town for spring break.

Let’s get right into it. This is how my Monday started last week, first, my husband was out of town so I had to get up and get the teenagers in the house up and out shoveling. Then once I got to school I realized it was my turn to hold the door of the Comstock building to let the kids in. This job usually ends at 8:05, but due to the traffic problems they wanted it extended. I had to leave my post there and run down the hall to get our class because they were already heading out the other door to go to PE. The very second we walk into the gym I am told that the PE teacher is absent and there is no substitute, so I need to be the PE teacher. Then I had a couple of kids who weren’t feeling well and I felt they needed to be looked at. Luckily Ms. Moyer was kind enough to walk them to the office so they could go right back home. This is all before 8:15! But once all that was squared away we jumped with both feet into a fun PE. First I did a little warm-up and then we played a great game (which of course I can’t remember the name). Everyone gets a bowling pin and has to put it down and guard it. At the same time there are dodge balls everywhere and you try to knock the other kids pins down. It is really fun and I had to jump into the game socks on my feet and all! So while it was a harried morning, it ended up being a ton of fun.

The rest of the week they learned how to play floor hockey. They have been enjoying that game as well.

Mar 13-1 Mar 13-9 Mar 13-17 Mar 13-16 Mar 13-15 Mar 13-12 Mar 13-11 Mar 13-10

Recess was fun again. We had snow!!! The kids hadn’t played in the snow at recess since December. So, of course, they had a great time. Building and just falling into it seems to be the most popular things to do with it. Unfortunately for them, fortunately for the rest of us, the snow looks like it has moved on. Oh well, there is always next year.

Mar 13-8 Mar 13-7 Mar 13-6 Mar 13-5 Mar 13-4 Mar 13-3 Mar 13-2 Mar 13-14 Mar 13-13

In reading we will all finish our books about people moving west this week. Everyone has been enjoying whichever book they are reading. The kids reading Little House on the Prairie have really liked it. You may want to take them to the library so they can start on the next book in the series, “On the Banks of Plum Creek” is the next one I believe.

In social studies we looked at how pioneer families lived. We talked about the different types of homes, how school worked then, and some of the games that the children played. Ask them to play Button, Button, Whose Got the Button. They also got to make paper dolls of a pioneer girl or boy.

Mar 13-36 Mar 13-35 Mar 13-34 Mar 13-33 Mar 13-21 Mar 13-20 Mar 13-19 Mar 13-22 Mar 13-23 Mar 13-24

In math they continue to work on fractions. I think we will finish that unit just before spring break.

The highlight for most (me included) was art class. This week we finally got to start on working with clay. They are starting with pinch pots and are making monsters out of them. So far we have each made a pinch pot, flattened it a bit and then have begun to add eyes, ears, horns, fangs, etc. Once they are done Mr. Thomas will let them dry out and then he will fire them in the kiln. In case you didn’t realize it, the white shed right by the endĀ of the carpool line, has a kiln in it. Once they are fired the kids will glaze them and Mr. Thomas will fire them once more. It is so cool that they get to do this at their age.

Mar 13-32 Mar 13-31 Mar 13-30 Mar 13-29 Mar 13-28 Mar 13-27 Mar 13-26

Here’s a cute picture of Bhoomi. I’m not sure what she was doing or why I took the picture, but it was cute so I thought I should share it!

Mar 13-18

That wraps up another fun week in Ms. Hahn’s class. If you know that your child will be missing school sometime this week due to an early departure for spring break, be sure to let us know. Enjoy your week and have a fun, but safe spring break!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck