Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

Hello Everyone! This was a pretty full week, although it seemed to go really fast, especially with two early release days at the end.

So what did we do this week? I’m going to be short and sweet this time and it looks like I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do, but feel free to use what is here.

In P.E. this week the kids continued to play basketball. They have been shooting and dribbling. My favorite game is called pirates in which the kids all have basketballs and they need to dribble around the gym. Then Mr. Flinn and I can knock away anyones ball. If they lose control of their balls then they have to go to the side and do five jumping jacks before returning to the game. Its fun to see the kids desperately trying to run away from us. The other thing they talked about in PE is personal hygiene. Mr. Flinn let them know that as they get older and more active they will be sweating more. Therefore, it is really important to shower once a day or once every other day. He also introduced the use of deodorant.

Mar 6-2017-7

We had a fun green assembly on Tuesday. This time the 8th graders showed us a really funny song parody video that they made. The subject was your eco footprint. The kids all loved it and hopefully they understand they can leave a smaller eco footprint.

Mar 6-2017-3

Math has seen the class continue with fractions. This week they used math manipulatives and a large number line to understand equivalent fractions. This would be a great area to focus on with your child.

Mar 6-2017-22 Mar 6-2017-21 Mar 6-2017-20 Mar 6-2017-14 Mar 6-2017-13 Mar 6-2017-12

The highlight of Ms. Hahn’s class lately was the Wagon Train project in social studies. Everyone has had so much fun traveling to Oregon. It came right down to the wire and each wagon train was in jeopardy of everyone dying and not succeeding. But, alas, a few lucky tosses of a coin and everyone made it safely to Oregon to start their new lives!

Mar 6-2017-6 Mar 6-2017-5 Mar 6-2017-4 Mar 6-2017-15

I’m sure that you can all recognize how much work your child put into their student-led conference. They worked diligently getting all of their materials together to share with you. We did spend a little time practicing with one another so that they were ready when you came in. Thank you for coming in and supporting your child, they were¬†so proud.

Mar 6-2017-19 Mar 6-2017-18 Mar 6-2017-17 Mar 6-2017-16

Recess was interesting this week. The weather started out pretty nice and gradually made a turn for the worse. Wednesday was terribly windy, these pictures don’t really show how windy it was, but kids were flying all over the place!

Mar 6-2017-11 Mar 6-2017-10 Mar 6-2017-8 Mar 6-2017-1 Mar 6-2017-2

Today during snack/lunch we had a little popcorn and movie party. We watched a Bill Nye video and had a nice snack. Some kids wore their pajamas to school too!

That is it for this week, enjoy your weekend!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck