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Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

This week saw the kids doing all kinds of unique things. Starting off with PE, the kids have been working on the national fitness test. Third graders had to do a pacer test this week. This entailed running back and forth between cones for a set amount of time. So they were prompted to run by a bell going off, then they waited at the other side until another bell went off. As the test progressed the time between bells became shorter and shorter. So a student would start out almost walking between cones, but by the end they were sprinting. It was amazing to watch! All of our kids did well over 40 laps and some did as many as 120! Mr. Flinn said that the average for this age is about 38, so all of our kids did great.

Jan-30-2017-2 Jan-30-2017-1

The kids turned in their informational writing pieces on Friday. This time they made brochures about some type of rock, volcanos, tsunamis, or earthquakes. They turned out very well. Everyone got to share them with each other on Friday, it was nice to see how they were so supportive of their classmates work.

Jan-30-2017-24 Jan-30-2017-23 Jan-30-2017-22 Jan-30-2017-21 Jan-30-2017-20

We’ve transitioned to the metric system in math this week. The kids really enjoyed weighing things around the classroom on the scales. They learned that a kilogram can be broken into grams and milligrams. We also did liquid measuring with liters and milliliters. These hands-on activities seem to help the kids make the necessary connections.

Jan-30-2017-39 Jan-30-2017-37 Jan-30-2017-36 Jan-30-2017-35 Jan-30-2017-45 Jan-30-2017-44 Jan-30-2017-43 Jan-30-2017-42 Jan-30-2017-4 Jan-30-2017-8

Speaking of hand-on activities, in social studies we’ve been learning about the French voyageurs. So this week we wanted the kids to see how difficult it was for them when they needed to portage their canoes and all of their things. The kids made canoes out of a few chairs and they had to wear their backpacks. We started in the classroom with everyone sitting inside their canoe paddling down the river, but once we came to the end of the river they had to get out and carry the canoe (chairs) and all the backpacks outside to market square. I’m sure we all looked ridiculous, but they all enjoyed themselves and now have a greater understanding of how hard it was to be an explorer to a new land.

Jan-30-2017-11 Jan-30-2017-12 Jan-30-2017-13 Jan-30-2017-15 Jan-30-2017-16 Jan-30-2017-17 Jan-30-2017-18 Jan-30-2017-19

We did quiet spots again this week. Because of the colder temperature we stuck to the sumac trees as we did last week. It is a nice place for the kids because it is like a big fort.

Jan-30-2017-32 Jan-30-2017-31 Jan-30-2017-30 Jan-30-2017-29 Jan-30-2017-28 Jan-30-2017-27 Jan-30-2017-25

In reading we’ve been continuing with The Last Voyage of the Griffon. Pachelot is making his way back to La Salle with a note, but he’s run into a few adventures along the way. The kids all seem to be really enjoying the book. Many have had to satisfy their curiosity and completed the book already.

Spanish class has been fun as the kids have been working on poems. They are now reciting their poems (in Spanish) in front of the class. They have done a great job in preparing.

Jan-30-2017-7 Jan-30-2017-6 Jan-30-2017-5

I think that wraps up the week. Clearly we jammed a lot of fun and educational exercises into the week. I’m sure we have an equally packed week coming up. Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck