Mrs. Steinbeck’s Weekly Review

We all had another great week in Ms. Hahn’s 3rd grade class. We are getting to know the students better and they are getting to know us, too! I just wrote down some notes of what we did this week and it is quite lengthy, so I better get to it. 

This week was fun for 3rd graders because they got to try out band instruments. I took any child that wanted to give it a try over to the barn where the band director and a number of helpers let each kid try all of the instruments. They then wrote down for them which ones may suit them best (i.e. which ones they will have success getting sound to come out of!).  Everyone did an awesome job and I’m sure many of the kids will end up in the band this year. Just remember, lessons are done on Tuesday’s throughout the day. If your child leaves for a band lesson, they are responsible for finding out what they missed and getting it completed on time. The actual band meets at 7:00 at least one day a week, so make sure they can get here early as well.

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Third graders always enjoy recess. The gaga ball bit is up again so they’ve been happy to see it, plus they love to build with giant sticks at the playground.

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We spent a lot of time this week learning about plants, animals, insects, and birds, that make their home in our Illinois prairies. Some research came from games, some books and field guides, and some even came from the computers at the computer lab. Third graders had to write about an animal and draw life size pictures of their plant or animal as well.
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Even though PCCS students don’t ride school busses, we are required to go through a school bus evacuation drill. It is very important as we do utilize busses for field trips throughout the year. 
Aug 22-58 Aug 22-59 Aug 22-60

During math we’ve been learning how to tell time to the nearest minute and we started to teach about elapsed time (what time is it when it is 27 minutes after 4:17 etc.). Aug 22-33 Aug 22-32 Aug 22-31 Aug 22-34

Hopefully you enjoy these glimpses into the classroom. I know sometimes kids come home and say they didn’t do anything at school, so here’s your proof that they were kept plenty busy! Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Steinbeck